Here are a few of the lovely things previous clients have said about Catherine Swatridge Hypnotherapy.

“When I went to see Catherine my mind was full of fog and I couldn’t see through it. I carried a lifetime of abuse that was at the forefront of my mind. I was unhappy, anxious, and would only focus on negative feedback. After only 4 treatments my life has turned around. The abuse is so far back in my mind it doesn’t affect me anymore. I can see everything so clearly. I’m smiling so much and there’s only tears of laughter. With tools Catherine has given me I won’t be anxious anymore nor will negativity affect me again. Thank you Catherine for opening the doors to my wonderful new life. I cannot express how happy you have made my life.”

“I’ve received my results and I passed all 4 of my resits. Thank you for the work we did together. I’ve never remained as calm and composed as I did during those exams and I base that entirely on the techniques you taught me in learning to let the past go.”

“We got back home from our skiing holiday yesterday, so I thought I would give you some feedback on the week. You will be pleased to hear that our sessions worked! It was indeed fun. I felt excited (most of the time!)….and surprise, surprise, I could do it! I used the MP3s daily. I was so much less nervous than our last ski trip and was able to cope with challenges in a more relaxed way. I was able to use the trigger to reboot my confidence. I was able to enjoy the evenings so much more, knowing the next day would be fine. So I wanted to say, thank you so much for helping me to enjoy skiing again.”

“I went to Catherine after developing monophobia all of a sudden. After being someone who travelled the world alone, this was quite a serious change of personality! I was extremely apprehensive at the first appointment but Catherine put me at ease and I felt so much lighter after the just one session. Catherine took time to get a lot of information about my background and tailored the sessions to suit my personality. Each session was a really enjoyable and calming experience and I was able to take away valuable techniques for coping in situations where I’d be alone. I can’t recommend Catherine enough to anyone experiencing difficult issues in their lives.”

“I am extremely impressed with the results from having hypnotherapy with Catherine. At first I was unsure about what to expect, however, I was quickly put at ease. The sessions were relaxing and I felt comfortable to be able to address the problems that I was facing as Catherine in very warm and understanding. I am surprised with how quickly the sessions helped me out; even after the first one I felt much more positive, confident and overall less stressed out. I would definitely recommend Catherine for hypnotherapy to anyone.”

“The flight was stress free. The children were amazing, and even if I do say so………… so was I!!! I had a slight wobble as I boarded the plane but listened to your recording. I was calm, which bearing in mind how 12 weeks ago I was wetting my pants through fear, is fantastic! Thank you, as I literally wouldn’t have done it without you.”

“You’ve been so patient, helpful professional, the list goes on. I can’t thank you enough. I feel so much better, all thanks to you and some simple techniques which have changed my way of thinking.”

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the hypnotherapy. One week later I am a happy non-smoker and I must say, the thought doesn’t even cross my mind. It’s been so so easy – quite remarkable. Having made numerous attempts to quit in the past, and never succeeding, I am thrilled.”

“The labour was quick, just 5 and a half hours from waters breaking until birth. I’m convinced the quick and relatively painless experience was down to the sessions we had and me being able to focus on something other than pushing and the pain! Overall I had an incredibly positive birth experience, so thank you so much for all your support.”

“I’m looking forward to listening to the audio file as I had such a positive experience of hypnosis in the session with you and would very much like to be able to feel that sort of relaxation more. I honestly wish that I could feel like I did the day of the appointment every day, because I felt so positive, calm and relaxed, even after leaving. Thank you so much!”

“I was referred to Catherine by an associate of my wife. Following a few sessions with Catherine she seems to have isolated the anxiety and I am now able to travel by plane to places I only dreamed of a few years ago. Myself and my wife went to Goa (India) last year, and have just returned from Vancouver in Canada. On both flights I was able to avoid taking the Diazepam, and taking to excessive drinking to get me through what I classed as a stressful ordeal. Catherine has taught me to treat the journeys as something pleasurable, as part of the holidays instead of the trepidation previously experienced. I would say that if I had not been introduced to Catherine, I would not be able to travel to the locations for our holidays and therefore missed out on the experiences we have had over the last few years and hopefully years to come.”

“My friend recommended Catherine to me and I was keen to try hypnotherapy to help with my anxiety and IBS as I’d tried other therapies in the past with not much success. After my first session I found I was sleeping a lot better and I felt much calmer and less anxious. Catherine gave me a few tips to help with my thought process and I’ve found myself thinking clearer and I’m able to think positively rather than thinking negatively by focusing on what may happen. I’ve really enjoyed the MP3’s and can honestly see a big improvement in how I feel in just a few sessions. Thank you”

“Catherine has helped me change myself for the better. She’s untangled my brain, clearing it out and refreshing my mind. Now I’m more confident, more alert and able to think in-depth. My depression is mild, in the background, if it is there at all, instead of being enraged in my emotions. I feel motivated, focussed and ready for anything that’s thrown at me. Catherine worked miracles that have changed my life forever. For that I want to say Thank You.”

“I would say that my daughter has long had a total lack of confidence in herself which started when she was at middle school and left her unable to even speak to teachers and lecturers at college. This obviously was a hindrance if she needed to ask about course work. Since the first meeting with Catherine I could see a change in her outlook when she came out. Since the course of hypnotherapy my daughter presents herself with a new found confidence – even to people she knew before. She speaks to lecturers at College if she needs to question anything, although this might be waiting until the rest of the class has left, but she would never have done this before. I would highly recommend Catherine for anyone having an issue with confidence, especially young people as she certainly makes them feel at ease and improves their outlook on life. ”

“I had previously had hypnotherapy in London to tackle weight loss – and it worked.

Therefore, I had no problem in seeing Catherine to actually tackle severe depression, low self esteem and just a general fear of doing what I knew I had to do. Self confidence or lack of was my issue. Catherine, with her lovely manner, her positive attitude and her ability to hypnotise you in such a way you hardly know it’s happening, gave me the boost and the ability to get on with my life. I cannot thank Catherine enough. As well as hypnotherapy Catherine is not fazed by what you tell her and you feel that she only wants the best for you and is so happy and positive that you cannot help but be convinced you are going to get better.

Thank you Catherine for all you have done. On a personal basis, I actually miss

seeing her!”

“I am about 10kgs thinner – and have not touched chocolate or fizzy drinks during the evenings. Drinking vodka still and not all lager. You were just the push I needed. Just a bit of time to think about me whilst spending the time with someone who can unpick life.”

“Thank you so much for all of your advice and support. Hypnobirthing definitely got me through what I had always imagined to be the most petrifying experience of my life. I felt relaxed and in control throughout.”

“Thanks so much for helping my husband out with his best man’s speech. He did such a good job. I was very proud!! :)”

“Not long landed on holiday, just wanted to let you know that the flight was good for me. I was fine so much better than I used to be. I found the pressing my fingers together really had a good effect, thank you so much.”

“I have suffered from panic attacks for over 30 years. Since I have been with my Husband, many areas of these have improved, however there were two areas that were affected, the first if my Husband had to go away overnight and secondly I was not confident enough to go away over night without him.

I met Catherine and immediately felt very comfortable with her and decided to give hypnotherapy a go.

The three sessions I had were very relaxing and the CDs that Catherine gave me to listen to at home were great too.

I am pleased to say that I have now been away overnight with a girlfriend, we had a fantastic time and not a panic attack in sight!

My Husband is going away in September and I am feeling confident that I will also cope with this.

I would definitely recommend visiting Catherine, as she has certainly changed an area of my life and I can now enjoy time away with my girl friends and hopefully my Husband can feel relaxed if he is ever away.”

“I saw Catherine for two sessions before a big interview as I felt slightly nervous
about the day, having to give a presentation and the prep I needed to do. The
sessions helped to ensure I was calm and confident and the end result was I got the
job! Highly recommended.”

“Having gone down many routes in the past to try and rectify my debilitating sleep
problem, I went to see Catherine. After only two sessions, I found to
my surprise, regular sleep patterns started to return. The CD that was
supplied was extremely helpful in enabling me to relax and not dwell on
the problems that were causing my sleep deprivation. I would recommend
Catherine to anyone with a similar problem.”

“I am doing very well now. I have lost a stone in weight and am feeling much better about myself and best of all other people are noticing and commenting – what they are saying is that I look younger and very well! I find the CDs very helpful. Thank you very much for your help – I found your sessions very beneficial and most helpful. I don’t feel nearly so lacking in confidence and low about things. I now have more time for myself and have definitely been having the daily treat you recommended.”

“I visited Catherine to stop smoking as I kept trying but failing to stop by myself. I didn’t want to use nicotine replacement therapies as I felt that would be swapping one addiction for another. Catherine was friendly, polite and professional. She really listened to the reasons why I wanted to stop and incorporated these into the session. I felt totally relaxed an at ease and walked away as a happy non smoker. It’s not a miracle cure and you have to be 100% ready to stop but two weeks later I’m still smoke free and feeling great. I haven’t listened to the CD because I haven’t needed to but it’s great to know it’s there.”

“Thank you for your help. I still wake up but am now able to go back to sleep again which is amazing! This morning I woke at 7:30, which is a first for me!”

“You have truly been a miracle worker for us. We both feel so much more relaxed, confident and positive and now looking forward to the future and not just existing anymore. I would and will recommend you to anyone who has any issues they want to treat with hypnotherapy.”

“As a keen golfer I was suffering from high levels of anxiety on the golf course which was badly impacting how I was playing. Whilst golf is never a life or death issue, having worked hard all week, it can be quite depressing when your weekend fun is no longer fun. A few really enjoyable sessions with Catherine and I am now very relaxed and happy on the course and hitting the ball better than I have for a long time. As a very welcome side effect I am now increasingly calm and relaxed during the stresses and strains of work. Catherine was very welcoming and professional and I would (and already have) thoroughly recommend her. I was surprised by two things, how quickly I started to reap the benefits and just how much I enjoyed the sessions.”

“I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for 2 years. I finally went to the doctors and tried medication didn’t work. Then I tried CBT also didn’t work. I didn’t know much at all about hypnotherapy. I found Catherine on Google, and saw on the website that anxiety is something hypnotherapy could help with. The first session I went to I was nervous, I didn’t know whether it would work or what was involved. I can honestly say that Catherine made me feel so relaxed and welcome from the start. I was already doing things I was too anxious to do before, after the first session. It didn’t take many more for me to feel so much better about myself. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone suffering the same issues as I was and you would not regret using Catherine. She’s an amazing woman and am so happy I went to her she has changed my life.”

“Your hypnosis recordings were invaluable in the early stages of my labour. I got my natural labour without induction, so I am very chuffed.:) ”

” I stayed calm, stress-free and didn’t get aggressive. You have worked miracles with me.”

“Just to let you know, I passed with flying colours. Thanks so much for all your help over the last few weeks. They have made all the difference.”

“Having suffered from depression for 3 years and tried CBT and then medication without success, I turned to Hypnotherapy as a last resort. Catherine’s Hypnosis sessions were extremely beneficial and once she discovered the root of my depression, under hypnosis, she was able to lift my mood and eliminate my depression. She also assisted me in coping with anxiety. Her hypnotic techniques and associated CD’s for home relaxation sessions, are very good. She is extremely professional, caring and as in my case, responds to the needs of her clients I could not recommend her more highly. My life is back to normal and I see things as I used to you! Thank you.”

“My journey with Catherine has been a great success, and I found the whole approach really helpful at altering the way I view things and managing to keep my attitude reflective in order to overcome any issues that I face in life. I sought out Catherine to help with my level of worry and anxiety. With a new job and job location, potentially trying to sell my home and beginning to think about starting a family it all was getting on top of me, and was causing sleepless nights and many tears on my husband’s shoulders. I have always suffered with overthinking and worrying, however the time had definitely come to do something about it and take back the control.

Catherine’s approach was very calming and reassuring, and every session (of which I only needed 3) left me with a complete view on how I looked and dealt with scenarios that sprung up in my life. I found the hypnosis to be a fantastic experience and left me with visual images that helped combat when things arose. She also encouraged me to carry out tasks in the space in between, and although she didn’t threat a detention for not doing it, I actually found myself enjoying these moments to rethink how I was dealing with stuff. Overall I feel huge benefits from the sessions, I am not overthinking things or worrying about the things I have no control over-however I am monitoring the way I approach situations and also am looking outwardly more (not making it all about ME all the time). My husband called me ‘laid back’ the other day….who’d have thought it! Thanks Catherine-I definitely like the new me…lets hope it keeps the grey hairs at bay for another few years!”

“I’ve gone from beaten, to survivor, to believer, to achiever.”

“I was depressed and uncertain about my future before I worked with Catherine. I knew that I could not continue on like that and I was hating myself and my job more and more. I met Catherine at a networking event and felt that she was someone I could work with to help me change.

I worked with her for a number of weeks, during which my internal voice was worked upon. I was able to feel much happier about myself and my way forward. I am now working in a new company, which has allowed me to have a joy in my work and a confidence in myself. Catherine provided a safe environment for me to work out my frustrations. She was calm, supportive, positive and professional, which was fantastic. Her support both in person and via email and CD’s was exceptional. I have told my friends about what she has done for me. Thank you Catherine – without you I would not be doing what I am now.”

“I have been making great progress with CDs and techniques you have shown me to get a better nights sleep. I’m happy to say its working and I’m waking up much less than before, and more often than not sleeping through the night. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help, you really have made a difference.”

“Things have definitely improved, much less secret eating, I feel less guilt when I do binge. The amount I eat at meal times has reduced too. I had a successful Christmas, I put on hardly anything compared to previous Christmases and it is all a lot better. I am more comfortable with who I am which, for me is brilliant. I am a week and a half without smoking too!!”

“I can’t thank you enough for giving me the ability to fly without fear again. I had a really good week away without any stress or anxiety thinking about the flights .I listened to the MP3 the night before the flights which calmed me and allowed me to sleep. Also I did not take any tablets, or drink any alcohol during each flight. I actually sat in the window seat on the return flight and watched the landing even when the turbulence was bad and bouncing the plane around. My wife was amazed at the change in me.

I have spoken to a few people who have similar issues so hope that have the courage to come to see you in the future.”

“Labour was quick (3 hours start to finish) and natural!! My hypnotherapy
definitely helped me stay really focused and it got me through! So thank
you xxxx”

“I found going through stop-smoking hypnotherapy a relaxing and enjoyable experience. For whatever reason, it made stopping smoking very easy and all at a very low cost when compared to the cost of buying cigarettes. I would highly recommend Catherine to anybody trying to stop smoking.”