Using hypnosis for childbirth provides you with wonderful relaxation and pain relief techniques to prepare for, and use during the birth. Using hypnosis and the power of your own mind, you can be in full control of your pregnancy and birth and enjoy the experience. My hypnobirthing program also helps you with any anxieties you may be feeling about the birth or about becoming a parent.

I myself used hypnobirthing to have my second child, and I was so impressed with how effective it was, that it led me to pursue my current career as a hypnotherapist.

The ability to relax is essential to the birth process. When we feel anxious or frightened, our muscles naturally tighten, adrenaline gets released, blood flow gets diverted to our arms and legs and our heart beats faster. All of which hinder the birth process. Studies have shown that women using hypnobirthing require less gas and air, pethidine and epidurals than women not using hypnobirthing. The same study also showed that women using hypnosis rated their level of pain as lower than those without hypnosis. (Cyan, AM et al, Adelaide, Australia – British Journal of Anaesthesia, October 2004)

Having a baby is a huge life changing event. Even if this baby is not your first you may be worried about how you will cope with parenthood, or how your relationship might change. You may also be worried about losing weight afterwards or maintaining your identity. Through hypnotherapy we can also deal with these concerns and issues.

So why is one on one hypnobirthing better than attending a group hypnobirthing class or using CDs?

Everyone is unique. Our minds all work in different ways. Some people go into hypnosis more easily than others. Everyone has different worries and concerns. Therefore, I firmly believe that to get the most from your hypnobirthing experience, it is important to have a programme which is as unique as you are. Individualised help is usually more effective than a ‘one size fits all’ class or CD.

You will also benefit from learning the pain relief techniques in a one to one environment as we can go through them and explain them as many times as is necessary.

I will work very closely with you to design a personalised 3 session hypnobirthing program just for you.

Your personalised hypnobirthing programme will include:
Learning very effective hypnotic pain relief techniques
Alleviating any anxiety associated with the birth, pregnancy or parenthood
Developing specific relaxation techniques to aid the birth process
CDs to listen to during the pregnancy and birth
Putting you in control of your birth experience

I recommend that you have your hypnobirthing sessions during your 7th – 8th months of pregnancy.

A word of caution – many hypnobirthing practitioners are not qualified hypnotherapists and often hypnobirthing practitioners have only done a very short course in order to qualify. I advise checking this when you are choosing a hypnobirthing specialist.