Before you embark on your hypnosis treatment, I would like to give you some information and answer some frequently asked questions.

What is hypnosis and how will I feel in hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an enjoyable, pleasant, very safe therapy. It’s becoming more and more popular as it really does work. Hypnotic experiences vary from person to person but in general being in hypnosis is a very relaxed state. It is similar to other natural states such as when you are daydreaming or relaxing in bed before you fall asleep. For those of you who have ever attended a yoga class, it feels very similar to the relaxation that often takes place at the end of the class. Being in hypnosis is not like being asleep. You will be aware of what is going on, and at times your mind will wander and you will think “Is this working? Am I in hypnosis?” Rest assured that this is perfectly normal in hypnosis.

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis brings you into a relaxed, perceptive, hyper alert state and while you are in this state we can open up your subconscious mind. We can then work with your subconscious, which contains a huge amount of information, and deliver suggestions to your subconscious which will help to find solutions to your issues.

There are lots of hypnotherapists in the Poole, Bournemouth & London areas. Why should I choose Catherine Swatridge Hypnotherapy?

Every person is unique and although two people may have a similar issue, the way the issue affects each person will be different. By coming to see me you will not get the one size fits all approach, often used by other therapists.

Instead, you will receive a very high level of treatment. You will have the opportunity to explore your issue in lots of detail and then receive a bespoke hypnosis treatment package planned and designed just for you.

Throughout treatment you will be educated, informed and given the skills you need to maintain the great results once therapy has finished. You will also be provided with CDs and tasks to further your progress.

I am highly qualified, having achieved the HPD professional qualification, which is not a prerequisite of being a hypnotherapist but does demonstrate a greater breadth of knowledge and skill. You can be reassured that by seeing me you are receiving the highest level of professionalism.

You will also have the luxury of receiving treatment in a specially designed treatment room based in the very centre of Bournemouth or London. Many hypnotherapists work from home. However, I believe that a treatment room is a more relaxing and comfortable environment for you, the client.

What can hypnosis be used to treat?

Hypnosis can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions including pain relief, depression, anxiety, weight loss and stopping smoking. Hypnosis is particularly effective at treating conditions involving mind/body interaction, such as stress, childbirth, and addictions.

Can hypnotherapy be beneficial to someone who does not have a specific issue?

Yes. Hypnosis is lovely if you just want to relax and de-stress a little or if you want a little help to overcome obstacles and reach your goals.

Will I be made to dance like a chicken?

Hypnosis has received some bad press and there are several myths about hypnosis I would like to dispel. We’ve all seen examples of stage hypnotists bringing people up to the stage and making them do embarrassing things. Rest assured that you cannot be made to do anything you do not want to do in hypnosis. The people who dance like chickens on stage have first of all gone to a hypnosis stage show expecting to see people making fools of themselves. They have then volunteered to be brought up on stage. By volunteering they are already aware that they will be made to funny embarrassing things. If they did not want to do this they would not have volunteered. All the stage hypnotist does is facilitate the process. In hypnosis you are still in complete control.

What does treatment involve?

Depending on the exact problem which we are treating we would usually have somewhere between 4 and 10 weekly sessions. The first session is a free consultation where we gather all the necessary information and discuss what the treatment goals are.

The next sessions all involve some discussion and some hypnosis.

Treatment is an active as opposed to a passive process and we will work together as a partnership to help you reach your goals. There will often be homework tasks between each session to help you to achieve your goals.